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Robby Branom's Schedule

September 1 • Sunday

  2:00pm –  3:00pm M Tegan and Sara Mainstage
  2:00pm –  3:15pm T My Last Year With the Nuns Theatre Puget Sound Stage
  3:30pm –  4:30pm M David Bazan Fountain Lawn Stage
  3:30pm –  4:45pm M fun. Mainstage
  4:45pm –  5:45pm M Eric Burdon & The Animals Starbucks Stage
  5:15pm –  6:15pm T Audrey & Nelson: A Puppet Sex Musical Theatre Puget Sound Stage
  6:00pm –  7:00pm W Writing Staff of NBC's Parks & Recreation Words & Ideas Stage
  6:30pm –  7:30pm C Patton Oswalt & Friends Comedy at the Bagley
  8:15pm –  9:15pm M Ra Ra Riot Mainstage
  8:15pm –  9:15pm M The Zombies Starbucks Stage
  9:45pm –  11:15pm M Death Cab for Cutie plays Transatlanticism Mainstage
 10:00pm –  11:15pm M Matt and Kim TuneIn Stage