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avatar for Mitch D Outcast

Mitch D Outcast

You want to know about me watch Welcome to the Dollhouse and Carrie and also Sleepaway Camp.
Company Return of the Living Dead
Location Olympia, Washington










avatar for Garrett Owen

Garrett Owen

Company Microsoft
Location Seattle, Washington


avatar for Kristi Owens

Kristi Owens

I am married to my best friend and raising an amazing daughter. Life is good. wife, mom, seamstress and student.
Location Lakewood, Washington








avatar for Aaron Pailthorp

Aaron Pailthorp

Location Seattle, Washington


avatar for Julia Paleski


avatar for Horde Panna


avatar for Matt Parenteau

Matt Parenteau

Company Exotic Metals Forming Co
Location Puyallup, Washington


avatar for Christopher Parham

Christopher Parham

Location New Orleans


avatar for Youngjae Park

Youngjae Park

Location San Francisco, California


avatar for Marissa Parrish

Marissa Parrish

Location Left of the Space Needle


avatar for Andrew Parsons

Andrew Parsons

Me? A bit of a loony geek who cares a lot about his friends and family. I love fun and finding humour in everything. Without laughter, you're only going to end up crying.
Location Redmond, Washington






avatar for Shadi Paulo

Shadi Paulo

There's nothing better than someone who has nothing to say, yet says it very loudly.

You can't always do right, you can always do what's left.

It's great to sing in the right key, but not when it's coming from the wrong hole.
Company Blues Underground
Location Seattle, Washington


avatar for Maricel Paz

Maricel Paz

Umm... I
Location Seattle, Washington






avatar for Kris Pendleton

Kris Pendleton

Music, fishing, connecting
Location seattle


avatar for Sarah Mae Buban Penico

Sarah Mae Buban Penico

INFJ/Libra/Ask me Love is anterior to life, posterior to death, initial of creation, and the exponent of Earth. -Emily Dickinson
Company Seattle's Union Gospel Mission
Location Seattle, Washington






avatar for Christina Perez

Christina Perez

Company Underwriters Laboratories
Location Chicago, Illinois






avatar for Tessa Perkins

Tessa Perkins

Writer, Ballerina, SFU student, music and book lover. Je parle le francais aussi:) YNWA.
Company Simon Fraser University
Location Surrey, British Columbia


avatar for Zach Petersen

Zach Petersen

Computer geek. Political and social pundit.
Location Seattle, Washington


avatar for Kristen Petersen-Motan

Kristen Petersen-Motan

Company Seattle Public Schools
Location Seattle, Washington


avatar for Melissa Peterson

Melissa Peterson

Mel-Mel. Meleyley. Liscious. PYT. Francocentric. Urban over Suburban. Fashion. Old Things. Cream. Wanna-be chef. LGBTQ Ally. Hopeful world traveller. Peonies. Walking. Laughing strangely. Gelato. Films. The end.
Location Seattle, Washington






avatar for Rebecca Pham

Rebecca Pham

Company Pharmacy
Location Seattle, Washington








avatar for Lenny Pichette

Lenny Pichette

Leave Good for Great Take a Picture You Could Never Recreate
Company Aerotek
Location Seattle, Washington


avatar for Amy L. Piñon

Amy L. Piñon

I am a recent graduate of The Art Institute of Seattle with a Bachelor of Science in Audio Design Technology. I am a vocalist, audio engineer and audio educator.
Company Seattle Theatre Group
Location Burien, Washington




avatar for Todd Plants

Todd Plants

I'm a cancer survivor: Wilms' Tumor, 1980.
Company Anne Lewis Strategies
Location Boston, Massachusetts


avatar for Fred Plappert

Fred Plappert

Company Snohomish County, Washington
Location Everett, Washington


avatar for Tim Platt

Tim Platt

"The lotus is a flower that blooms in the mud.
The thicker and deeper the mud, the more
beautiful the lotus blooms."
Location Portland, Oregon


avatar for Tika Plocki

Tika Plocki

I would really appreciate a Pegasus for any gifting occasion.
Location Olympia, Washington


avatar for Vicki Poarch

Vicki Poarch

Wow, another year winding down. Still counting the many blessings rather than the birthdays, wrinkles, or extra pounds :>) The youngest of nine, grew up in Florida, graduated high school in 1976, still don't know what I want to be when I grow up!
Location Sherwood, Oregon


avatar for Kayla Pohlman

Kayla Pohlman

i like flowers. a lot. ...like it's kind of abnormal.


avatar for Susan Deloge Pollard

Susan Deloge Pollard

Location Denver, Colorado


avatar for Qays Poonawala

Qays Poonawala

Root beer fan
Company Amazon.com
Location Seattle, Washington


avatar for Nathan Pope

Nathan Pope

"If you can't do something smart, do something right" "Always be yourself... unless you suck."
Location Boulder, Colorado



Kim Popovic

Company ErgoFit Consulting, Inc.
Location Seattle, Washington








avatar for Steffany Powell

Steffany Powell

You rarely have doors closed in front of you if you approach with an open mind and an open heart. I am that I am, and that is all that I am. (With many thanks to Popeye the Sailor.)
Location Seattle, Washington


avatar for Carly Presho-Dunne

Carly Presho-Dunne

Location Portland, Oregon






avatar for April Pullen

April Pullen

Location Duvall, Washington


avatar for Daniel Pulse

Daniel Pulse

Company Parallels, Inc.
Location Seattle, Washington




avatar for Matthew Quinlan

Matthew Quinlan

Company Microsoft
Location Seattle, Washington


avatar for Dan Quinn

Dan Quinn

Company Telling Jokes
Location Vancouver, British Columbia








avatar for Samiur Rahman

Samiur Rahman

Company Synapse Product Development
Location Seattle, Washington


avatar for Zoe Rain

Zoe Rain

Zoe Rain
Seattle is Home
Photography is what I do
Aspiring for greatness

Add me on instagram! @zoerainphoto

Company SSG Music
Location Seattle, Washington


avatar for Jean Ralphio

Jean Ralphio

it's getting hot chocolate in here, so take off all your clothes.
Location Arcata, California




avatar for Randy Ramig

Randy Ramig

Jack of all trades, master of none, and proud of it.

I am a family and a yes man.
Company Microsoft
Location Seattle, Washington


avatar for Marsha Ramirez



Modesto E. Ramos

Company jedi
Position jedi
Location in a galaxy far far away...




avatar for Jason Rantz

Jason Rantz

Welcome to my Book of Face. I'm pretty freakin' awesome, often sarcastic, frequently confident, usually busy, always straight forward and honest, sharply aware, normally abnormal, and seldom happy with the status quo or awkwardness of any kind. Born in Brooklyn, raised in LA, living in Seattle! I enjoy reading, politics, good music, good food, hot stone massages, Ambien-induced shopping sprees that I don't remember until the order is delivered to my apartment, and inserting my Judaism into everyday conversation. I'm a Jew. I collect watches -- mostly gaudy ones. I work in talk radio.
Company Talk Radio Station
Location Seattle, Washington


avatar for Miyuki Rapp

Miyuki Rapp

Company Other
Location Seattle, Washington


avatar for Leah Raquel

Leah Raquel

Company Edward Jones
Location Seattle, Washington


avatar for Jason Rasmussen

Jason Rasmussen

Company Avvo
Location Seattle, Washington






avatar for Victor Ray

Victor Ray

Location Seattle, Washington


avatar for Susan Reahard

Susan Reahard

Location Missoula, Montana




avatar for Mike Reffalt

Mike Reffalt

Location Tacoma, Washington




avatar for Shauna Reid

Shauna Reid

i'm awesome
Location Seattle, Washington




avatar for Lucas Reif

Lucas Reif

Location Redmond, Washington


avatar for Brett Reifers

Brett Reifers

Location Seattle, Washington




avatar for Kelly Renee

Kelly Renee

I am a Virgo/Monkey that has an ENFJ type personality. I love and play hard. I strive to better myself every day. I read Tarot and am learning how to read and cast Astrological Charts. Music is my life.
Location Seattle, Washington






avatar for Steven Reule

Steven Reule

I was born at an early age. It was a tradition in my family.
Location Sacramento, California



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