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avatar for Quentin Little

Quentin Little

Company Volt Information Sciences / VMC Consulting Corporation
Location Seattle, Washington






avatar for Frederick Augustus LizardHips

Frederick Augustus LizardHips

Past participle.
Company U.S.D.A. Forest Service
Location Renton, Washington




avatar for Melanie Llona

Melanie Llona

Location Seattle, Washington




avatar for Ian Lobdell

Ian Lobdell

Photographer and Artist.
Company Subway
Location Covington, Washington



Alison Loerke

Company ALIAProd






avatar for Taylor Long

Taylor Long

Location Portland, Ore.


avatar for Taylor Long

Taylor Long

Company Portland Story Theater
Location Portland, Oregon




avatar for Jack Loop

Jack Loop

Location Seattle, Washington


avatar for Taylor Loren

Taylor Loren

spreading plur with flowers in my hair
Location Vancouver, British Columbia


avatar for Nakusat L Lucas

Nakusat L Lucas

Faith is the bird that feels the light And sings when the dawn is still dark.

Love is like an earthquake-unpredictable, a little scary, but when the hard part is over you realize how lucky you truly are.
Company Cafe World
Location Everett, Washington


avatar for Ryan Lucas

Ryan Lucas

Location Seattle, Washington


avatar for April Luebbert

April Luebbert

“The whole world steps aside for the man who knows where he is going. ” -- UNKNOWN
Company U.S. Navy
Location Redmond, Washington




avatar for Estee Luna

Estee Luna

Location Salt Spring Island


avatar for Brenda Luper

Brenda Luper

Company Microsoft
Location Issaquah, Washington




avatar for Emerson Lynch








avatar for Erik M.

Erik M.

Location Redmond, Washington


avatar for Shiloh MacCabe

Shiloh MacCabe

Location Anchorage, Alaska


avatar for Kylie George MacEntee

Kylie George MacEntee

When the inevitable rise of zombies occurs and threatens to destroy humanity, I will be ready Shuddering at the thought of my future as a desolate, cautionary tale of failure and abandoned dreams, has my passion decreased to a tiny flicker? What is causing my fire to suffocate and can I revive the heat that used to consume my mind and soul before it fades away to apathy? The greatest tragedy to affect me will not be then my dying day, but rather that the death of my purpose. The decision that needs to be made is whether I will allow my life to continue as such that my mind will die long bef… Read more
Location Boise, Idaho








avatar for Mark Madlangbayan

Mark Madlangbayan

I am an open,outgoing, optimistic person pretty much up for anything. I love music, traveling (alot of road trips) exploring new areas, going to concerts and like to have good times while doing it. I grew up in Florida most of my life, lived in Alabama for 3 years then the NYC area for 4 years and Charlotte,NC.
Location Seattle, Washington


avatar for Nikki Maier

Nikki Maier

I graduated snohomish high in '07, Everest College in '08 with my medical assistant degree. Got an awesome job that I enjoy going to day after day, even though it means an 11 hour day. :) I recently passed my National certification exam in February which now makes me a CMA (certified medical assistant) by the AAMA (American Association of Medical Assistants).
Company Seattle Children's Hospital
Location Mill Creek, Washington


avatar for Jorge Cárdenas Maldonado

Jorge Cárdenas Maldonado

Company Oracle
Location Ciudad Satélite, Mexico, Mexico



William Malette

Very good music
Location Bainbridge Island




avatar for Rob Mapplebeck

Rob Mapplebeck

I am going to school, obtaining my second B.S. degree, in Accounting, and altering my direction in life to work in the non-profit sector. I enjoy alternative and independent movies (netflix addict) and music as well as being active hiking, backpacking and softball. I love baseball, to travel and explore new places. I am liberal, outspoken, adventuresome and sometimes naughty. I don't shop at Wal-Mart and I enjoy living on the "left" coast.
Location Aloha, Oregon


avatar for Brooke Marcus

Brooke Marcus

a woman of consequence ;) http://www.last.fm/user/BrookeM
Company smith robertson
Position Attorney
Location Austin, Texas


avatar for Steve Marcus


avatar for Alex Marcus




avatar for Crystal Marino

Crystal Marino

I smell like rain, taste like lollipops, and sound like a fantasy. I like to misbehave, i have alot of idioms. I like to read, talk to strangers, share cigarettes, wreck my wreck this journal, discover hideouts, invent curse words, play hand games, play scrabble and scatagorries.
Company Trails End Taphouse & Restaurant
Location Granite Falls, Washington


avatar for Josh Marks

Josh Marks

Location At a Concert




avatar for Stephanie Marks

Stephanie Marks

I am a Seattlite born and raised.
Company Mary Kay Independent Business Owner
Location Kent, Washington




avatar for Claude Martin

Claude Martin

Favorite stuff to do, skiing powder, mountain biking, hiking, waterskiing, being on the Thompson river or out at Shuswap or Mara lake in the summer, and traveling.
Company Convergys
Location Kamloops, British Columbia


avatar for Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin

Location Bellingham, Washington



Enrique Martin

Music news contributor for different media outlets
Company Inidie Rocks
Position Music correspondent
Location canada


avatar for Mark Martin

Mark Martin

Company Private Residential Construction Firm
Location Mercer Island, Washington


avatar for Dr. Richard A. Martin, Jr.


avatar for Michelle Martinez


avatar for Nauchelle Martinez

Nauchelle Martinez

Location Boston, Massachusetts


avatar for Jorge Martinez

Jorge Martinez

i am a loving guy.....lol ya right!!!
Location Bellevue, Washington



mary marzec

music. art. food. fashion. people watching.
Location Bothell, WA




avatar for Fran Mason

Fran Mason

crossfit206.com twitter.com/CrossFit206
Company CrossFit 206
Location Seattle, Washington




avatar for Airi Matthews


avatar for Alicia Mauldin

Alicia Mauldin

Location Seattle, Washington


avatar for Serena Maxwell

Serena Maxwell

Curious about me? About my beliefs? http://mormon.org/me/6WZG/Serena/
Company Gordon B. Hinckley Alumni and Visitors Center
Location Olympia, Washington




avatar for Jilly McBangles






avatar for Patrick McBryde

Patrick McBryde

Location Seattle, Washington



Erin McCartney

Me, I'm very passionate about food. Bread specifically, chocolate would follow bread and any time I can play with the magical egg, well that's always an education. I have the fortune of working in an artisan bread bakery (Crooked Tree Breadworks), and by night I'm the Pastry Chef at a new restaurant in Petoskey Michigan (Palette Bistro).


avatar for Jeff McCormick

Jeff McCormick

Location Seattle, Washington




avatar for Chad Urso McDaniel

Chad Urso McDaniel

Location Seattle, Washington














avatar for Tim McGrath

Tim McGrath

Position NA
Location United States


avatar for Amy McGuire




avatar for Conner McKay


avatar for Andrew McKeag


avatar for Jessica McKimmie

Jessica McKimmie

Open heart and hugs and smiles and bright ideas and self awareness and protection, and good friends and sunsets and naps and when not napping: action action action.
Location Seattle, Washington


avatar for Lora-Ellen McKinney

Lora-Ellen McKinney

Photograph by Isa Darleans

Every day is a gift and I cannot wait to open it.
Company Meadowlark Productions
Position CEO
Location Renton, Washington


avatar for Darci Blair McMackin

Darci Blair McMackin

Location Seattle, Washington




avatar for Christopher McMonagle

Christopher McMonagle

Company NRG Insurance








avatar for Dana Medernach

Dana Medernach

Company Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
Location Vancouver, British Columbia


avatar for Jacqueline Itzel Medina

Jacqueline Itzel Medina

I live in my own small world, light years away from reality. Tea addict and indie music fanatic. I sing and I hate violence.
Location Othello, Washington


avatar for Marisha Medrano

Marisha Medrano

Location Seattle, Washington


avatar for Kimberley Mefford

Kimberley Mefford

Hands off... I'm special

Company Gordmans
Location Champaign, Illinois


avatar for Matt Megaard

Matt Megaard

Location Seattle, Washington


avatar for Libby Meis

Libby Meis

Location Seattle, Washington




avatar for Eric Meline

Eric Meline

ISFJs generally have the following traits: *Large, rich inner store of information which they gather about people *Highly observant and aware of people's feelings and reactions *Excellent memory for details which are important to them *Very in-tune with their surroundings - excellent sense of space and function *Can be depended on to follow things through to completion *Will work long and hard to see that jobs get done *Stable, practical, down-to-earth - they dislike working with theory and abstract thought *Dislike doing things which don't make sense to them *Value security, tradit… Read more
Location Seattle, Washington


avatar for Coral Mercado

Coral Mercado

I'm pretty easy going and I love to laugh I'm a bit of a socially anxious person But the right person can get me out of my shell I don't trust easy, so if you have it, you've earned it I like to be in control But I'm learning to know that that's not realistic I find it hard to sleep at night Because I can't turn my brain off I'm one of those people who listens to Director's commentary Sometimes more than once I prefer subbed to dubbed any day Paradise Kiss and Nana are my favorite Anime/Manga I watch more TV than I probably should But there are worse things to do with your down time I'v… Read more
Company Imagenet
Location Kent, Washington

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